Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday's Tip

3oz Can
Check it Out !  WD40 is an amazing product that is great to keep around!  There are literally thousands of uses for it starting with removing crayon from walls!  From household uses to car and garage uses this is some amazing stuff!  Here are a few things that I use WD40 for:
*Cleaning the black metal parts of fireplaces
*Removes gum from floormats and carpet
*Remove scuff marks left by shopping carts from your auto
*Removing tape residue
*Keeps car locks from freezing in the winter
*Clean and protect rubber molding in autos or campers
*Remove tar and oil from hands
*Coat your metal horseshoes to keep them from rusting
*Keeps metal garden tools from rusting
*Clean super bad ashtrays
*Shining seashells
*Helps keep fishing tackle from rusting
*Removes scuff marks from pretty much any floor surface
*Protect the trucks on skateboards
*Unstick those pesky stuck together Lego's
*Remove crayons from inside the dryer
*Remove crayon from rock walls
And we also spray it on the bottom of our wooden stakes for yard sale signs, makes them slide through the dirt easier.
Do remember that on some surfaces you must wash the area after using the WD40 so that it doesn't leave it oily or when used on hard floors slippery.

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