Saturday, June 9, 2012

Product Review: Smooth 'N Shine Keratin Power Semi-Permanent Hair Tamer

Check it Out!  As a BzzAgent I get to try a wide variety of products and I have to say that the beauty products are my faves.  I recently got the chance to try this new Smooth 'N Shine Keratin Power Semi-Permanent Hair Tamer.

So this product is a new approach on taming curls and frizz and allows you to straighten your hair easily or choose to "wash and go" with more manageable curls.
Containing the breakthrough Smooth 'N Shine Keratin 4 + Aloe formula, it works with up to 5 times less damage than traditional relaxers and the results last up to 6 weeks or 5 washes.  It has a cumulative effect in that the more you use it the better the result!
 Smooth 'N Shine Keratin Power Semi-Permanent Hair Tamer is available is Regular for fine to average hair and Super for average to coarse hair and is only 2 steps!  No mixing required!
Recommended by Larry Sims, a celebrity stylist,  Smooth 'N Shine Keratin Power Semi-Permanent Hair Tamer is available at Walgreens, Sally Beauty Supply and as well as many other stores nationwide. 
You can even GO HERE and Larry Sims will personally show you how to use this product in a step by step instructional video.

I chose not to use this product and here is why...
I have very long and dark hair, it is color treated and right now pretty healthy!  After reading the instructions through and then checkin' out the ingredients, I was concerned.  There are some serious chemicals in here, chemicals like cystene HCL and Hydroxyethylcellulose, that are in the smoothing treatment or step 1, and Hydrogen peroxide, Etidronic Acid and Hydroxyethyl Dimonium Chloride that are in the neutralizing milk or step 2. 
After talking to someone with experience in hair dressing, I decided that I didn't want to compromise the health of my hair and I won't be using this product. 
I have to admit to really wanting to try it anyway, but I read some reviews from other BzzAgents, that is one of the cool things about BzzAgent, you get to see what the other agents are tryin' out and their experiences as well, and there seemed to be quite a few negative reactions and problems.  Problems like dry and brittle hair and those are the warnings I received so my mind is made up!
 I really wanted to try it though because I would just love to not to have to straighten my hair 2 - 3 times a day to get it to stay straight and the promise of no frizz is tempting!  I plan to share my BzzKit with someone who is comfortable using it on their hair and as you saw in my picture I also have some coupons to share.  If you want one, just leave me a comment and I will mail the first 4 commenters a $2 off coupon!

*I received the product in this post compliments of BzzAgent for purposes of this review, however all opinions are my own.

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