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Product Review: KLUTCHclub Box - Spring Clean Your Body

Check it Out!  I love the concept of "theme boxes" and I love that there are so many different kinds available right now, from beauty and household to health products. 
I recently found out about KLUTCHclub and they were super generous to send me out their April KLUTCHclub Box so I could Check it Out!
So what is a KLUTCHclub Box?
Well it's a subscription box that each month contains over $50 in products and services in the health, wellness and fitness categories.  You also get additional exclusive online promotions as well as earning rewards for providing reviews! They also provide tips and tricks from "Healthy Living" from fitness, nutrition and lifestyle experts.
They have 3 plans to fit your lifestyle and all memberships include Free Shipping!
 I received the April KLUTCHclub Box that is full of more than $60 worth of products to help "Spring Clean the Body!" 

So here are the 10 items that were in my box:

Enjoy Life not nuts! Seed & Fruit Mix
Gluten Free and allergy friendly snack that is perfect for people with dietary needs.
I love this!  I am not a huge fan of cranberries so I wasn't sure about it but all the flavors blend so well together and that makes it yummy.  This is one flavorful snack, dried cranberries, apples, pumpkin seeds and tiny chocolate chips, yum yum yum!!!  I will definitely be seeking this out in stores, it's perfect for outings or just snackin' around the house.
Kind Bar
All natural Nut delight bars that provide nutrients such as fiber, protein, calcium and iron.
I got the Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate and it was super yummy!  Full of nuts and rich dark chocolate, it was filling and full of flavor.  A great healthy treat with that extra kick of protein!  Loved it!

HyDrive Energy Drink Mix
Zero calories, naturally flavored and detoxifying.
I got the Berry Blast.  I'm not an energy drink drinker and don't care for flavored water so this just isn't my thing and I probably wouldn't buy it for those reasons.  But it tastes okay and it did give me a little burst of energy that lasted a few hours.

Shea Terra Organics
Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash
Contains whole herbs, oils an seeds and no artificial fragrances.
Once I got past the look of this soap, it is indeed black and thick so it kinda looks yucky, and got myself up a rich lather, it did a really great job on cleansing and softening the skin.  I like that it only takes a little to get the effects and there is absolutely no smell.  It is thick and feels quite luxurious on the skin and the first time I used it I got a slight tingle, which is normal according to the bottle, so I will be using this again and again!  Can't wait to see the effects after a few weeks.

Zico Pure Premium Coconut Water
Re-hydrates and replenishes lost electrolytes.
I found this to be not bad.  I don't typically like flavored water but this had a stronger coconut flavor than I had expected, and thats because it's not flavored  water but pure coconut water!  But it is also light and better super cold.

Kristin McGee's Power Yoga DVD
Helps to improve your practice, cleanse your body and inspire you to get stronger and more balanced.
I haven't had a chance to check this out, but I have plans to get my kids and I into Yoga for our homeschool PE program this next year and this will be a great upbeat way to present Yoga to us all!

 Tea Forte
Detoxifying Skin-Smart teas that promote and preserve luminous looking appearance and leave you feeling beautiful.
I don't drink tea, but the flavors sound wonderful and each one has it's own detoxifying and healthful effects.  They have flavors like Cherry Marzipan, Honey Yuzu and Cucumber Mint.  Sounds great but I am just not a tea drinker.

Barlean's Organic Oil
Mango Peach Omega Swirl Fish Oil
Contains essential Omega-3 fatty acids, Omega Swirl flax and fish oil supplements that are fresh, tasty and nutritious.
I am going to be totally honest- I will not be trying this!!!  If it has fish oil in it- it is gonna taste fishy and I don't do fishy!!!  BUT, I took it to my mom, who is a Herb fanatic, at 64 she takes no prescription medicine and was happy to try it for me.  Although she isn't a huge fan of mango or peach she tried it out and was pleased that it didn't taste fishy at all.  She said it was a strong Mango flavor that was "not bad at all!"  She said it would be great in a fruit salad or even a smoothie.

Enjoy Life! Plentils - Margherita Pizza flavor
Another Gluten Free and allergy friendly snack that is perfect for people with dietary needs.
This snack totally surprised me!  Never had anything like this before and surprisingly they taste like Doritos!  Yummy and healthy!  Can't beat that!

Yoga Hyde - $25 Gift Card
All natural organic yoga clothes and outfits that are comfortable and flattering , without spandex.
Well I am not super impressed with this addition to the box.  First off they may be top quality shirts but I am not the type of person to spend $50 on a TANK top!  Even with my Free $25 credit, I feel that is way too much to spend.  They don't offer alot of products and I just couldn't find anything I was interested in that was worth the cost to me. 
So overall the quality of products is top-notch and if your a fitness or health buff, you will Love the KLUTCHclub, it's a great way to try new hand picked products and services and have them delivered right to your door!
You can GO HERE and check out how the program works and the subscription plans available.  You can also Gift A Box

 *I received the products in this post compliments of KLUTCHclub for purposes of this post, however all opinions are my own and no other compensation was received.

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  1. Wow! How cool :) I've never heard of KlutchClub before. I'd love to try that out, myself. I love health products and themed boxes, as well. What's included with this box is really interesting and useful--I'd try every product in this one, except the tank top discount. Great review! I friended you GFC :)


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