Monday, June 18, 2012

Make It Monday - Clothespins Magnets

Check it Out!  If ya have some clothespins, then you have the makings for some super easy and functional Make Its!  I got this 50 pack from Family Dollar for only $1.50!

We get advertisements on the front of our phone books that have magnets on them and these are great to use with clothespins to make magnets!  You can also get magnet strips, squares and buttons also.  When using magnets with ads on them peel the shiny ad part off to reveal the cloth layer or the magnet itself, your glue will stick better.  I love hot glue, instant bond and strong.

With a little scrapbook paper, this is a great project for all those scraps, you can make some personal and super cute magnets that are functional!

To make your flat magnets in to circles, just use a circle punch in the appropriate size.  Cut strips from the flat magnets for perfect fitting on the back of the clothes pin.
I use these for the kids artwork, by putting their names on one and their new artwork is displayed and we always know who did it!

You can stand them on end and make place card holders or even a picture holder, and as always they make great chip and snack bag closures! 
Go ahead and Make It!

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