Monday, June 25, 2012

Make It Monday - Bottomless Sandals

Check it Out!  Today's Make It is all about making your feet look just as pretty as the rest of ya!  How about a bottemless sandal?  Well with some beads and some stretch string you have the makings.  It is pretty easy and what is super cool is you can modify it in so many ways!
I have seen similar beaded pieces for up to $60 each!  For real!!!lol
So here are the basics to making the beaded one above:

You will need some stretch string, I used Stretch Magic, beads and buttons.


I used a 24" piece of string, it allows me for plenty of beading and tying off space.  String on seed beads or similar bead, you will want a small bead at the base for more comfort around the toe, bigger beads are uncomfortable between the toes.  I don't count the beads, I just place the strand around my toe and go by eye, some people have bigger toes, some smaller, so it's up to you how many you use.
Once you've reached the desired amount, then string a larger bead onto both strands creating a loop of beads for your toe.

Then string on your beads to both strands or you can even seperate them now and make two strands and wind them together, again placing the strand on my foot so I know how far up I want to bead.  Once I reached the desired length, then I add a button.

I use the button as my center and wind each strand around the button shank...

And then bead up the 2 strands to go around your ankle...

Once you have reached the length you need, then tie it off and adding a little glue will strengthen the knot.

 What is super cool about making these is how you can make them so many different ways and with different findings. 

Here is another super easy to make version using those stretch cords that come with a metal nut, these are great because they are soft between the toes.

Here is how they go together...

String together a strand that fits around your ankle and then tie it to one side of the nut on your stretchy cord...

Then tie the other end to the other side of the nut...

And then just glue your flower or whatever to the center to cover the nut up...

I use hot glue, because it is quick and a super great bond.

Have you made bottomless sandals before?  I would love to see your versions! 
Go ahead...Make It!

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