Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday's Tip

Check it Out!  I always keep rubber bands around the house.  They are cheap and can be used for so many things.  From the completely obvious to some really ingenius ideas, rubber bands are one of those little things that can do so much.

*Don't have a bookmark?  Grab a rubberband and wrap it around the pages and the cover to mark your spot.  I do this especially when I am reading outside at the park or beach and its great for keeping your page marked if your carrying your book around, because it doesn't fall out.
*Rubberbands are great for tagging items like wires and batteries.  Mark those new camera batteries when your traveling, so theres no moment of which are the good ones again?!
*Wrapping a present and you have no tape?  Use rubberbands.  Choose colorful ones and arrange them artfully.  Makes the wrapping completely recyclable.

*Break the battery cover to your remote or some other gadget? Use a rubberband to keep it in place, or even to keep your batteries in place if you lost the cover.
*Use rubberbands to prevent objects from scratching surfaces and make them non-slip.  Remotes, serving spoons, even glasses.
*Keep plastic containers closed with a rubberband to ensure no spills.
*Can't find a chip clip?  Large rubberbands work great to keep potato chip and other snack bags closed.
*Before closing a can of paint or other liquid, wrap a rubberband around the outside of the container to mark the level of product left, so you will know for your next project.
*Need to child proof your cabinets in a hurry for company with a baby?  Rubberband them together.
*Need a little extra room at the waist line of your pants?  If they are button up, a rubberband makes a great buttonhole extender.

Rubberbands are pretty cheap, you can buy a pound for about $3 or $4 and make your own rubberband balls.  These make great additions to teachers or dad's day gift baskets and they look pretty neat just sitting on the desk.  You can also play with them cause they are bouncy!

  Start with a bouncy ball and your smaller rubberbands. Start wraping the rubberbands around the ball, turning the ball after every new rubberband.

Just keep adding and adding your rubberbands until you reach the desired size or you run out of rubberbands!

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