Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday's Tip

Check it Out!  When you have a large family, things are expensive and getting haircuts can downright break ya these days.  I went to a private salon and they wanted to charge $25 just to cut a 13 year olds head, yeah...times 3 and that is $75!  To cut some hair off!  Yeah, NO!  And me, with my long hair- a cut would run me $35 to $40!  Yeah, Hell no!!  parden my french!
Did you know that most Beauty Schools offer services like haircuts and even mani-pedi's?  What is even better is they are super affordable!  Yeah, some people say you can't get a good cheap haircut , but ya can!
We go to the Georgia Career Academy here in my area where you can get a variety of services at a reasonable price.  And what is super cool is our local salon sends out sales ads with coupons!  Yep, with a coupon on Monday's, we get $10 haircuts with a shampoo and blow dry too!  They even offer discounts on colorings and nail treatments. 
Now I do have to add that there are some general things you should remember about using these types of salons...
#1 - Allow time - because they are students, you aren't going to get a speedy service.  They will stop and ask for assistance if they need it and the teacher may even step in.  Allow at least an hour to 2 hours to more depending on the service you are getting.
#2 - Know your hair and what you want.  A picture can help, but I have found that it can also be a little overwhelming for the student, because there are differences in hair textures and things to account for that may make an exact picture cut unattainable!
#3 - Remember that these are students, so you usually will not get that same stylist each time you return.  You can request one, but there are many reasons why you won't- they may have graduated and moved on, they may be in class that day, there are always other students who need to learn.
#4 - Speak up!  If you see the cut going downhill, say something, allow the teacher to step in and help. 

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