Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday's Tip

Check it Out!  Here's a tip... always keep Vinegar in your home.
If your not familiar with the wonders of this product, just check out some reasons why.
Vinegar is so versatile you can use it for everything from the garden to your laundry.

I always keep a bottle of vinegar near my washing machine and I use 1/4 cup in with my darks.  It not only removes odors but it can prevent lint from sticking to your clothes.  It also decreases the soap residue that frequently causes fading in darks.  It does a great job cleaning an iron as well.

We use vinegar in our yard to kill weeds and clean the hummingbird feeder with, it much safer for the birds.  We also use it to kill ant hills and stop them from gathering in certain areas, like around the picnic table or deck.  It will kill slugs as well, I do not like those slimy little things!!

Once every 2 or 3 weeks I use vinegar and baking soda with a little lemon juice to clean my drains, just pour it all in, let it sit a minute and run hot water.  It leaves the fridge fresher when you add a little vinegar to your cleaning water too.  Don't forget those baby toys and books, wipe them down with vinegar to safely clean them.  And if you have a pet that tends to have accidents, vinegar is a chemical free way to clean it up and deodorize as well.

Speaking of pets, did you know that cats hate the smell of vinegar?  Yep, mix with water and spray the leaves of plants to keep the kitty from messing around with them and spray it in a windowsill or on a counter that they won't stay off of and are suppose to!  I have also heard, but never tested myself that if you put a little vinegar in your pets water that it will keep the fleas away.  Anyone tried that?

One of the best things about vinegar is it is affordable and earth friendly!  What do you use vinegar for?

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