Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Snack - Smore's on a Stick!

Check it Out!  Snack time is super important in this house so I am always on the lookout for something that my kids will eat and doesn't cost a fortune!  With 3 kids, snacks add up!
Over the years we have come up with some snack recipes of our own and like I said I am always searching for new ones so we have found some faves that we want to share... how about a
Sunday Snack?
This week I just have to share one of the kids most fave Smore's recipes...
Smore's on a Stick!
Super simple to make all you need are
*large marshmallows
 *dipping chocolate
 *graham crackers- crushed
*toothpicks or skewers
Take your graham crackers and crush them- we stick a few in a sandwich bag and have fun smashin' 'em until we get the consistency we want.
 Put a toothpick or skewer into a marshmallow, it needs to be far enough into the marshmallow to stay on during dipping, and then dip your marshmallow into your chocolate. 
I love the Baker's cup that you just pop in the microwave and you can dip right in to.
What we love most about enjoying Smore's this way is that you get to control how much chocolate and graham cracker you want, if you want more, dip it farther down in to cover the whole thing!!
*Note that if you have small ones, I don't recommend the toothpicks or even the skewers, for obvious reasons, however I offer a substitute idea of a straw!  Because they aren't heated, a straw works just fine.

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