Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Frugal Teacher Appreciation Ideas with Food

Check it Out!  May 7th - 11th is Teacher Appreciation Week and as a teacher myself, I can appreciate a Thank You, and their my own kids!!!
Everybody loves a Thank You and teachers are so important that it really is worth the few minutes it takes to do just that.  Teachers love gift cards, I know that, but not all parents can buy gift cards especially when they have multiple kids in school at once.  Yes, you could ask the "class" to donate $ but we all know that many schools have low parent participation and many times the parent in charge ends up footing the bill.  So my solution is to make it! 
Making gifts is something I love to do and teachers gifts are so fun! 
First I want to share my most fave way to show appreciation all throughout the week in a very frugal way! 

It involves 7 paper lunch sacks, some scrapbook supplies and some snacks!
You can GO HERE and check out my full post with complete instructions and the poems and snacks that I used.
Having 3 kids only a grade apart, over the 6 years that my kids were in public school I made a ton of gifts, so I have a ton of ideas.  There is no way I can share them all in one post so I am gonna share a few of my favorite food gifts today, which includes the one above.

Candy Bars:

You can get templates for candy bar wrappers, but you really don't need one, just carefully remove the wrapper on your bar and use it as a template.  If it's one of the newer bars without a wrapper, just one piece, just measure out one that looks good.  Using scrapbook paper and embellishments you can create it for almost free!  The one above is made with a christmas pattern, but it's the same idea.
A great little saying for candy bars and teachers is:
"If you feel like giving up...
Eat Chocolate!"

If you have a heart shaped pan or cookie cutter, make a heart shaped treat, like brownies or rice krispy treats and include a little hand written note that says:
"You have touched my heart,
Thank You for being my Teacher."

Here is a cute one using a chinese style container (like the ones above) and nuts.  Do make sure your teacher doesn't have a nut allergy, that would be aweful!  I actually used ones that I got erasers in from the Dollar Tree, filled a baggie or treat bag with nuts and put it inside.  I then decorated it and added a tag that said:
"We are so Fortu'nut'
to have you as
our Teacher!"

There are many ways to show appreciation whether hand made or in the form of a gift card.  All teachers love gift cards! 

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