Sunday, May 6, 2012

EZstringer Review and Giveaway!

Check it Out!  We have all had the problem of those drawstrings coming half out or getting pulled all the way out and then what?  Well, if I couldn't find a large safety pin, then I am out of luck.  Matter of fact we currently have about 3 pairs of shorts, 2 hoodies and my favorite pair of sleep pants without the drawstring. 
I am so excited to share this cool new product that I have been so fortunate to get the chance to review. 
The EZstringer is an amazingly simple gadget that restrings any drawstring in a manner of seconds right back into your clothing.  They come in packs of 3, but not 3 of the same, they have 3 sizes:

Large which is yellow and is made for most applications including bulky clothes,
Medium which is orange is made for applications that contain grommets,
Small is pink and is designed for those delicate applications, like bathing suits.

Along with my EZstringer, I received a pack of 12 drawstrings that are great for replacing the ones we lost or like the ones in Tori's shorts, worn out.  And they come in assortment of fun colors, including a rainbow colored one that Tori fell in love with and decided that it would replace the old plain one that came out of her shorts.

These shorts had a small hole so I used the medium EZstringer and just placed the end of the drawstring in the grabscoop (the end that holds your string) and pulled a little to secure it and then fed it in through the hole.

And in just a few seconds I was able to push it around 'til it popped out the other end. 

Then I just pulled...

until the grabscoop came out with the drawstring!

Whalla! Shorts with a new drawstring! And the trendy new drawstring, made these old shorts look a little newer!
I absolutely love products like this that are so simple and effective. 
I have a pair of sleep pants that the drawstring was stuck in and when I tried to pull it out, I found that these particular pants didn't have a drawstring that came all the way out, it was sewn in at the back seam, so the end was just stuck up in there.  With the EZstringer I was able to get the end back out so that I can use them again.  Yay, my fave pair!
I just reversed the process and fed the grabscoop up until it met the drawstring and then
using my fingers to feel for the end I was able to push it into the grabscoop using the ball end of the EZstringer and then I just pulled the ends out! 
 EZstringer has been on the Discovery channel's, Pitchmen Show, and in Real Simple magazine as the problem solver of the month, and I understand why!  I love it!  What is super cool is that it isn't outrageously priced either, only $10 + shipping and handling for the set of 3.
Never throw another garment away, just ezstring it!

Get your set at and it is the only place you can get replacement drawstrings too!  Sold in a pack of 12 for only $9.98 they are so handy to have around. 

One of my hoodies has blue writing on it and I just loved the blue drawstring that matched so in a jiffy, I changed them out!

 I am excited to be able to give 1 lucky Check it Out! with Dawn reader an EZstringer set of their own for Free!  Time for...

*The Giveaway*
Enter to win a set of 3 EZstringers in a convenient little drawstring bag.  US residents only.  Enter via the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*I received the products in this post free for purposes of this review, however all opinions are my own.


  1. i haven't ever tried to restring something, we usually just wear it like it is or with a belt thanks for the great review, this looks easy to use :) crystal allen

  2. This is one of those things where you go....why didn't I think of that...LOL! These would come in so handy.

  3. I don't currently, and so my husband's pants fall down...

  4. I once actually spent one hour restringing my favorite sweatpants by hand,never again!I kept pulling on the rouching and at the same time pushing the end of the string inside.It's frustrating because all the strings seem to come out when you put the clothes in the wash! Great review and really helpful product!

    agaphmou at netzero dot net

  5. These would be so useful! Between my son and the cats, I don't have any drawstrings left in my clothes!


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