Saturday, June 2, 2012

Book Review: 50 Days of Hope by Lynn Eib

50 Days of Hope
by:  Lynn Eib

About the Book:
"You’ve just heard a diagnosis that shakes your world: It's cancer. And what you long for most is the hope that everything will be okay. You are not alone. As a longtime cancer survivor, Lynn Eib knows firsthand how that feels. And as a patient advocate helping thousands facing cancer, she also knows what gives people hope. In 50 Days of Hope, Lynn shares amazing, true stories of those who have been in your shoes and discovered that when God and cancer meet, hope is never far away. Whether you’re a cancer patient or walking with a loved one on a cancer journey, you’ll find 50 Days of Hope packed with the daily dose of encouragement you need."

Lynn Eib

About the Author:
"In a seventh-grade journalism class, Lynn Eib decided she wanted to grow up to be a newspaper reporter. Two years later she applied to be the sports editor of her school's weekly paper even though the administration said only boys could have that job. She finally convinced them she knew sports and would stay out of the boys' locker room and got the job. Her love for newspaper reporting never waned and she majored in journalism at the Ohio State University, where she also met the love of her life on her first and last blind date. They married eight months later in 1973, and her husband, Ralph, recently retired after 32 years in pastoral ministry.
Lynn says she never thought she could write a book because she sees herself more as a reporter, but her books (When God and Cancer Meet, Finding the Light in Cancer's Shadow, and most recently released, When God and Grief Meet) are true accounts of amazing things she's seen God do in people's lives, so she's been able to continue to "report." Lynn also wrote the inspirational commentary for He Cares NLT New Testament with Psalms, which is specially focused for those dealing with serious and/or chronic illness.
When she's not writing or following her favorite sports teams, she works as a patient advocate in her oncologist's office, offering emotional and spiritual support to his patients and their caregivers. She's held this most unusual job since 1997, and she and her boss often speak on the benefits of combining spirituality, faith, and prayer with medicine. As a longtime colon cancer survivor (diagnosed at the young age of 36), Lynn gives inspirational seminars and talks throughout the country to cancer survivors, their caregivers, and health professionals. The Cancer Prayer Support Group she founded in 1991 (and still facilitates) may be the oldest such continuously meeting, spiritually based group in the country and has spawned dozens of such similar groups around the nation.
For more information about Lynn's ministry, starting a Christian-based support group, or resources to encourage those dealing with illness, visit her Web site, "Equipping to Encourage," at"

My Review:
I lost my brother to cancer in 1997 and was with him as he took his last breath.  There are so many moments that I will never forget and many memories I can never get past so when I got the opportunity to review this book, 50 Days of Hope, Daily Inspiration for your Journey through Cancer, I was a little apprehensive, but something inside said, get it, read it, you need it, so I requested it. 
I have never had such a little book evoke so much emotion, but Lynn Eib gives Hope and encouragement and left me wishing that this little book had been around for my brother's journey with cancer.  With uplifting stories from cancer survivors and oncology patients, who know first hand what it feels like, this book gives such a positive message.  50 daily inspirations that can encourage and help in the understanding of God's plan and how His word can help to heal. 
*I received this book compliments of Tyndale House Publishers for purposes of this review, however all opinions are my own.

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