Thursday, April 26, 2012

Renuzit Fresh Accents Rebate

Check it Out!  There is a great new rebate out for Renuzit Fresh Accents!  I love these things!  Just head over HERE and download yourself the form you will need to get up to $2.99 back on your purchase.  Valid 2/14/12 to 5/14/12 and must be postmarked by June 4, 2012.  You will also have the opportunity to sign up for coupons!


  1. Dawn, maybe you can help. I've been looking at every store that I shop at for these darn things and I can't find them. Any clue on which stores carry it?

    1. Hi LilyElement!
      Hopefully I can help! I do know that they are available at Target, because I have seen them at my local store. The Renuzit website says that they are suppose to be available at most grocer stores. I found them online at and the Renuzit Facebook page has some great info on it as well. Hope that helps!


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