Friday, April 13, 2012

Product Review: Dryel 30 minute In-Dryer Cleaner via @shespeaksup

Check it Out!  I got a super great new Rate & Review product via SheSpeaks yesterday and I got a chance to try it out last night! 
I have very few dry clean only items because I just find it easier and I don't need them but my son has a trench coat that he LOVES and it "Professional Clean Only". 

He has had it about 8 months and wears it all the time.  I have never cleaned it, so you can imagine that it was due for one.  He said I should let a professional do it, and I admit to a little reservations because of the collar, it's leather.

Thanks to Dryel I can clean it right in my own home at a fraction of the price and time to dry clean it. 

Dryel 30 minute In-Dryer Cleaner is designed to clean your special care clothes, like those hand washables and delicates, without harsh chemicals to help preserve color and shape.  Dryel keeps clothes looking newer, even after 50 cycles and now contains advanced cleaning technology that works to remove body soils and perspiration and odors caused by bacteria. 

So here is what was in the box:
*Cleaning Booster Spray
*2 ULTRA Cleaning Cloths
*Fabric Protection Bag
I also got 3 coupons worth $2.75 in savings on Dryel products. 
There are 3 steps to this process but they are super easy...
Step 1 is Zip It - Add 1 to 4 garments and 1 Dryel Cleaning Cloth unfolded and then put it in the dryer.
The protection bag is pretty big and I could easily fit this large coat inside. 

Step 2 is Steam It - Tumble in the dryer on medium heat for 30 minutes to activate steam cleaning.

Step 3 is Wear It - Clothes will come out slightly damp but just hang them out and any wrinkles just fall right out. 

Not only was the coat clean looking and smelling, but I was super impressed with the leather collar.  Look how clean and nice looking it is.  James was very impressed as well! 
If you wanna try it out for yourself be sure and visit the Dryel Facebook page where you can get a $1 off coupon!  Check out all the Dryel products HERE and be sure and sign up for the newsletter and get even more coupons!

*I received the producct in this post courtesy of SheSpeaks and Dryel for purposes of this review, however all opinions are my own.

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