Monday, April 30, 2012

Make it Monday - Paperclip Bookmarks

Check it Out!  I got these great giant paper clips from Staples on a BOGO sale so with a little paper, stickers, buttons and some glue I made an assortment of bookmarks that make great little gifts and can be personalized!  These can be made with paper clips of pretty much any size, even the tiny ones could be done with beads!

I use scrap paper and punch circles with my decorative circle punch making these next to free to make!
This is a medium size paper clip with 7 punched circles to make the front flower. 

Here is how I made it.

First I punch out all my shapes and fold six of them in half and then in half again to make little triangles
then just line up the triangles in a circle around the shape

I like to use a white glue for this part because hot glue is more permanent and with the white glue you have a few minutes to manuever your work.

Then using hot glue, I add a button to the center.

Using hot glue again I glue the flower piece to the paperclip and another circle on the back to sandwich the clip, I added another flat button to finish it off on the back.

Here is another one made with fabric circles and buttons and a large paperclip.
Using strips of fabric I cinched them with thread to make a circle and then it was as simple as hot glueing the two circles together and adding the buttons!  

These can be made so many different ways.  Use 2 of the same stickers and put them back to back.  You could string beads directly onto the clip as well.  Endless possibilities.  That's my kinda make-it!

What did you make today?

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