Monday, April 9, 2012

Make It Monday - Paper Bows

Check it Out!  These paper bows are so pretty and can be used for so many things.  They are easier to make than they look also.

I love to use double sided paper so there is an amazing contrast but you could easily just use 2 different papers.  I use brads to secure them together, but you could also glue them.  Hot glue works great, cause it dries quickly.

First thing you will need to do is cut your strips...
For the large bow:
8 - 6" x 1" strips
4 - 5" x 1" strips
1 - 4" x 1" strip

For the small bow:
8 - 3" x 1/2" strips
4 - 2" x 1/2" strips
1 - 1" x 1/2" strip

Bring the ends of the strips together to make loops for the petals and punch holes in the center of the both ends if you are using brads, if using glue, just glue them together.  I go through and punch all of mine to make for quick assembly.  The single small strip will need to be rolled and punched to create your center.

Now just simply stack your loops.  4 loops for each layer.  If your using double sided paper, be sure to fold 4 strips one way and 4 the other way.

When you get to the single loop, just add it to the center. 

When making the large bows I position the brad with the base on the bottom and then fold the ends to secure in the center of the bow. 

For the small ones, I reverse that and build them with the fastener end on the bottom.  It is really your choice and what works for you.

But that is it, done and you have a beautiful bow that can be used as decoration or on a gift. 
You can also use just about any paper, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, magazine pages, construction paper or even tissue paper if careful!  Why buy bows when you can make them?

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