Monday, April 23, 2012

Make It Monday - Headband and accessory Holder

Check it Out!  Using these 2 recycled items, a Kool-Aid can and a disposable wine glass, I made a cool Headband and Accessory Holder for my daughter. 
First I painted the can pink.  You could also cover it with paper or fabric.  Then I also painted the wine glass on the inside.

Then using hot glue, I glued the bottom of the wine glass to the bottom of the Kool-Aid can.

And taddaa!  A cute Headband holder...

And I left off the lid so that bows and even hairbrushes and combs can be stored inside!

Not bad for Free!!!

What did you make today?



  1. Looks great will have to do this Thanks for sharing

  2. this is a rally cool idea!!! i will have to try it for the millions of hair things my girls accumulate! lol


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