Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Homeschool Product Review: Time4Learning.com

As a homeschool mom, I am always trying to be conscious that my kids are getting the education they need but in a way that allows them to actual learn it.  As a mom of 3 kids I have learned that all kids learn differently and I have 3 totally different learners on my hands! 
We have used about 3 online learning programs and this year we are trying something new, Time4Learning.com.  We are well over halfway through the year and my kids and I are loving it! 
So what makes Time 4 Learning so different?  Well it combines the learning your kids need in a fun interactive way.  With animated lessons that will actually keep your kids attention brought to them at their pace, as they are ready for them, each child can learn without all the frustration of being pushed through it.  There are printable worksheets and activities along the way that help with lessons and to keep your kids motivated. 
As the parent/teacher here, I love the lesson plans, the detailed reporting features and the wealth of parent/teacher resources that are available at Time 4 Learning!  
Their standards-based curriculum covers subjects in grades Pre-K through 8th and what is unique for me to this program is that your child has access to at least 2 grade levels for each subject which allows them to move and learn at their own speed.  This is one of the reasons we love this program so much, with all the different learners here, each of my kids can each get what they need and I can be confident in it on a daily basis.  Here is the seller for me, this program is extremely affordable! 
Whether used as a primary or supplemental curriculum, this program offers the most bang for your buck so to say!  Most programs get outrageous when you start figuring in 3 kids not just one, but Time 4 Learning makes it affordable to give all three of my kids a quality based program and there are no contracts!  There is even a 14 day money back guarantee! 
You can check out Time 4 Learning yourself by trying some lesson demos for free!  Check it Out!

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  1. I love your review of Time4Learning! We have been using it for 5 years now. You said very well the reasons we love T4L at our house. I have an only child, but she doesn't fit well into any single learning style but she loves Time4Learning. I have compared the curriculum to my local public school curriculum and I feel confident that my daughter is getting more than she would in public school. I love that the lessons are planned for me, and the grading and records are kept for me. It means I can spend more time actually teaching my child, and less time preparing to teach her.
    Love your review! Thanks for posting.


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