Sunday, February 12, 2012

Product Review: Home Run Inn Pizza

Check it Out!  I recently got this great little package in the mail.  I was a little confused at first when I opened it as I live in Georgia and Home Run Inn Premium Pizzas are from Chicago!  I soon discovered after checking out all the info in my packet that not only does Home Run Inn have restaurants but they sell frozen pizzas as well. 
I received 2 coupons so I could sample this product as well as a fab pizza wheel!  Of course they picked the perfect household to try out pizza, because we love pizza here!  And it takes 2 to feed us.  I always have to buy 1 meat and 1 plain cheese to cover all members of the family. 
I was pleased to be able to find Home Run Inn pizzas in my local Publix and in Georgia where I live they are also available at Ingles.  I do have to say there were only 3 of the 15 different varieties available, but they had what I needed so I was good. 
We tried the Classic line Cheese and also the Sausage and Uncured Pepperoni.  When baking Home Run Inn Pizzas they recommend not using a pan and placing the pizza directly on the oven rack, which is how I usually cook pizza.  We like crispy crust and that is the best way to get it that I have found.
Crispy is what we got!  And as soon as it was sliced...
The feeding frenzy began! 
 It doesn't take long for food to disappear around here and it wasn't long before it was gone...
Everyone liked it and said they would like to have it again.  I found it to have a great flavor, just how a Chicago style pizza should taste and I liked the crust.  Not too thin, but not super thick either, just right.  These pizzas are also larger, they actually fit the pizza pan that I slice them on.  Other frozen pizzas are usually way smaller than the pan. 
At $7.99 per pizza it is a little pricey but still way cheaper than delivery.  Well worth the price for a meal in our house. 

*I received free samples and information from Home Run Inn via Klout, however all opinions are my own.

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