Monday, February 27, 2012

Make It Monday - Bottlecap Necklace

Check it Out!  I am starting a new weekly series on Monday's called Make It Monday!  I have so many great ideas and shortcuts for making and/or altering all kinds of things so I thought this would be a great way to share and I would love to invite my readers to share some of the things that you all make. 

This is a necklace that Aunt Jamie gave Tori for christmas and she loves it!  It is super cute don't ya think?  Yes that is a bottle cap! 

After checkin' this thing out we discovered that it is just a
stretchy cord attatched to a washer with a magnet glued to the other side...

The bottle cap comes off  and on.  So we decided we would make Tori some other bottle caps so that she can change her looks! 
I already had all the materials it took to make these in my craft stashes. 
We used:
*blank unused bottle caps that can be bought at any craft store
*a glue that dries clear- we used Aleene's Memory Glue (Aleene's Paper Glaze would have worked better though)
*1" circle punch for paper inserts 
*letter beads, glass beads or any embellishment you want
Remember to lay them flat side down because it isn't comfortable to use them the other way (we experimented!) and spread a light even coat of glue inside the cap...
Add your paper insert that you can decorate or punch from a magazine or card or drawing, Tori did everything from color the paper to just draw on it.
Using the tip of the bottle, push the insert down so it sticks to the glue already there and then apply another thin coat to the top making a full seal with the glue...

We used beads on some using the same process, and during our crafting we discovered methods that worked better than others and you have to allow plenty of drying time!
So here is Tori's fave that we made.  Don't ask! lol  Anyway it's just full of glass and letter beads.  Here are some of the others:
So there is the first Monday Make It! 
Don't forget I would love to see what you make!  Drop me an email at with Monday Make It in the subject line, share whatcha got and I will put it right here on Monday!

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