Saturday, December 24, 2011

New House Parties and some tips on how to get one! 12/24

Check it Out!  I just found out that I am a confirmed Glade Design the Air House Party Hostess!  If you know about House Party, then you know I am excited!  And if you haven't heard of House Party then you have got to Check it Out! 
With House Party, you get to have a party in your home with Free products and brands you love and you get to share cool stuff with friends and family.  Once you have created a Free account you can "apply" to host various parties.  You choose, don't like the product, don't apply! 
I have hosted 5 House Parties so far and I have some tips on how you can better your chances at being chosen for a house party:
Getting started-
*Make sure you get your House Party homepage set up, get a photo downloaded and get your profile completed, you have to do this so get it out of the way first off.
*Make sure you check your dashboard, know the date that finalists will be chosen for the party you applied for and watch your email around that date.
*Applicants are chosen based on their responses, so be complete and honest in filling out the application.
*You can apply to one or all parties listed and some parties offer extra ways to get a spot, look for those emails from House Party
Once you get an email saying you are a host finalist:
*Respond right away! There are only so many spots per party and it is a first come basis- you get your party set up quick and your in!
*Have at least 8 friends on your list ready to be invited, it is timed so be ready with that to avoid frustration.
*Remember that you do not have to have your party on the specified date and/or time, you can choose a date that works for you, just keep it within a week or two of the original date.
If you are chosen to host a party:
*House Party loves photos and they love you to share the photos of your House Parties, so upload all that you can and it will increase your chances of being chosen for future parties.
*Encourage your guests to complete the follow up surveys that they will recieve via email and be sure you complete all surveys you recieve!
You can GO HERE to the House Party Frequently Asked Questions page to get all your questions answered!
Events come and go and some don't last very long but it is worth the effort. 
Right now there are a slew of parties available to apply for:
MegaRed Love Your Heart House Party
The exclusive party pack includes:
*2 bottles of MegaRed®
*MegaRed® samples and coupons for guests
  *MegaRed® brochures
*MegaRed® water bottles
*MegaRed® heart-shaped magnets
 *MegaRed® pedometer for the host
  *And more
Zatarain's Brings Mardi Gras Home House Party
The exclusive party pack includes:
*Zatarain’s® Rice Mixes and Seasonings
*Coupons for your guests to save on Zatarain’s® products
  *Zatarain’s® branded serving spoon
  *Zatarain’s® branded hot pad
*Recipe cards with delicious Zatarain’s® recipes
*And more.
The exclusive party pack includes:
*Pull-Ups® coupons for hosts and guests
*Pull-Ups® Potty Day Dance DVDs
*Pull-Ups® Potty Day Dance Instructional Mats
*Pull-Ups® Rewards Stickers
*And more
Dole Salad Circle House Party
The exclusive party pack includes:
*Coupons for DOLE Salad Kits and Blends
*Exclusive DOLE Salad Packet with recipes, party ideas and coupons
  *Salad bowl
  *DOLE Salad bag clips
*DOLE Tote bags

And if your over the age of 21:
Courvoisier Soiree House Party

Good Luck and Party on!!

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