Sunday, November 6, 2011

Food on the Table makes meal planning a snap!!!

Check it Out!  Food on the Table is an awesome site that a friend just told me about and you have got to check out!  This is so cool!  You can:
1. Select your Grocery Store
2.  Set your food preferences
3.  Choose your ingredients
4.  Select your recipes
5.  See your grocery list
6.  Print your grocery list
What this enables you to do is plan meals that take advantage of items that are on sale at your favorite grocery stores.  Each week Food on the Table updates the sales.  You can create your own meal plan quickly, and right in the store when you get the Free App for your smartphone.  There are recipes you can browse and you can add your own recipes recommendations too!
Check out the video above and then you can GO HERE to try it for yourself.
*Thanks Teri K.

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