Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Product Review: Kleenex New On The Go Packs & Cool Touch Tissues

Check it Out!  It's that time of year where I have to start keeping a box of tissues out.  With the change in weather comes allergies for some and colds for others and Kleenex™ wants you to know that they are adding a new line of on the go packs with Sneeze Shield, so whether your headed to school, or field trips or even just hanging at home, Kleenex™ has your nose needs covered! 
 I recently got this fabulous package in the mail via Mom Bloggers Club and Kleenex™ with a sampling of these new products:
Here is what I got:
*4 Wallet Packs
*8 Pocket pack with 3 ply tissues
*1 Auto Pack
*1 Kleenex™ Cool Touch Tissues
Having 5 people in the family, it seems like there is always someone in need of a tissue.  We usually just grab a left over stack of napkin that we picked up from a drive-thru when we are in the car, which nobody likes if it's for your face, but with the Auto Pack I always have a clean tissue readily available, they fit in the glove box, right in the door, or even right between the seats, no fumbling while driving!  The box is uniquely designed to be able to slide into spaces, it's really cool.   
The wallet pack is a thin and sleek packet that comes in trendy designs that fit perfectly in pocket books, even my little ones.  Super thin yet opens to contain 10 three-ply tissues.  I love that I always have a clean, fresh Kleenex™ because they are packaged to stay that way.  There is room in any bag for this. 
And those Kleenex™ Pocket Packs that have been around forever are still here but they sure do look different:
These pocket packs are so stylish and they now feature three-ply tissue!  What more is there to say about these handy little packets?  I've been using them since I got my first backpack for school when I also got a Kleenex™ Pocket pack tucked inside.  I sent my own children off on their first day of school with them also. 
These new Kleenex™ Cool Touch Facial Tissues are really cool.  They are the only tissues that release a cool sensation to soothe a sore nose on contact while providing all the softness you expect from Kleenex™.  They are unscented tissues that are enriched with cooling moisturizers and aloe that release a cool sensation on contact to provide soothing comfort to a sore nose. Your body heat activates the special ingredient in the tissue which creates the cooling sensation.  How cool is that?  I have to say I was skeptical at first, but they really are cool and they do soothe so well but are super strong.  We are super Kleenex™ fans in this house! 
Wanna try them for yourself?  Kleenex is now offering you the opportunity to try their new Cool Touch Tissues for Free when you sign up to share a package with the “Softness Worth Sharing” campaign.  Just GO HERE and follow the simple directions.  Hurry though, while supplies last!
And check this out, Kleenex™ is an official sponsor of Oprah's O You! Conference that will be held at the Ga. World Congress Center in Atlanta on October 15th.   It's a full day dedicated to you and living your best life that brings O, The Oprah Magazine readers from around the world together with their most distinguished experts. 

*I received complimentary products via Kleenex™ and Mom Bloggers Club for purposes of this review, however all opinions are my own.

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