Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Homeschool Resource and Freebie of the Day - Georgia Aquarium Educational Programs

Check it Out!  The Georgia Aquarium offers some fantastic Homeschool programs that are truly affordable!  For only $12 a student you can take instructor led classes like the one we took today!
We attended the "Sharks in Depth" class for grades 6th - 8th.  There are complete printable Teachers Guides available for each class with pre and post activities that align with Ga. standards.  What is super cool is that our ticket price included admission to the Aquarium as well as the Deepo 4D Show.  For only $4 more per ticket you can also see the AT&T Dolphin Tales Show. 
We learned about Sharks with Andrew and he took us behind the scenes to some really cool places.
We learned how to classify sharks, what they eat and how they live.  We also learned how to tell the difference between a male and a female shark!  And then we got to check out other parts of the aquarium as well.   

This is an amazing way to spend a school day and as I said affordable- did I mention that chaperones are free?  Yep, at a ratio of 1 chaperone per 2 children, it only cost $48 for 6 people in our group to go on a Georgia Aquarium Field Trip.  There are classes for all grades and they are offered every month.  Check it Out!

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  1. Thats pretty cool, fun and eduactional at the same time. I think the florida aquarium here does something like that too. Following you from shespeaks blogger society and would love a follow back.


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