Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Free Samples to Pillsbury members

Free Sample
Check it Out!  Every month Pillsbury offers up an exclusive sample to 10,000 of it's members only!  This month it is Cascadian Farm Chocolate Chip Chewy Granola Bar and it is just one more reason why you should sign up with Pillsbury.  If you sign up now you won't be able to get this sample but you will get next months offer.  Can't wait to see what it is!  You can GO HERE to get started and don't forget to get your Pillsbury coupons while your there!!


  1. I'm a member though when I log in, I could not find the area to enter my info. Will it come automatically for members? Thanks!

  2. I am also a previous member and received the info via email~ when I clicked the link, I was automatically entered, but I had to click the link, therefore you may only be entered if you get the email and click the link ~ did that make sense?


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