Tuesday, September 13, 2011

U.S. Toy now offering Free Shipping!

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Check it Out!  U.S. Toy has just announced that they are now offering Free Shipping on All Orders with No Minimum!  YAY!  If you have never used U.S. Toy, now is the time to check it out!  They sell a huge selection of carnival, party and seasonal decorations, novelty toys, stuffed animals, balloons and many more items. They offer affordable products with some items priced as low as a penny a piece! No kidding, if you've got a birthday party or class parties to buy for, they have you covered.  Here are a few sale deals you can snag right now:

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1 Dozen for only $1.99!

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1 Dozen only $1.37!

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1 Dozen for only $4.63!
Oh and don't forget to check out the $1.99 and Below Store HERE where you can find even more cool little deals!  Happy Shopping! 

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