Friday, September 16, 2011

Make your own Inkblot Art

Meet Hobo McJoe!  He is a happy Inkblot creation from my 7th grader DJ!  We recently sat down for a Homeschool Art project where the kids created Inkblots and then made a "picture" out of it using various mediums.  We used India Ink as our base to create these and then we used Blowpens, markers and chalk to create a picture.  Our inspiration for this project was the Margaret Peot book, "Inkblot-Drip, Splat and Squish your way to Creativity".

Making inkblots is super easy and fun, that is what makes this such a great homeschool art project.  Using a sheet of paper, size is your choice, fold it in half, apply your splats, drips, or splashes of ink to one side of the folded sheet and then fold over and smooth out.  Open back up and let your imagination take off.
Once they are completely dry, use whatever medium works for you to embellish and design your inkblots.  Here are the final products:
Victoria- "Olympic Fireworks Celebration"
James - "Space"
DJ- "Weird Woman"
They each wrote a story about their picture and they were great!  I am super proud of my little artists!

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