Monday, September 26, 2011

House Parties are a Hit! Check out the New Events!

Check it Out!  I just had my Be the Chef with Chef Boyardee House Party where we made the Chilironi!
Chilironi was one of the recipes that came in my Party Pack and one that we thought everyone would like.  We did alter it a little and used canned chili beans (with the sauce) and stewed tomatoes but did not use the cumin.  Took 5 minutes to throw together and then just warm it up.
We served it with cheese and crackers! Yummy!
We loved it, it was just chili with noodles and it was great!  Even Daddy got in on the fun!  Gotta love him!
If your interested in hosting your own House Party, head over HERE and check out all the new events there are, including:

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