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Get in on the FanFare with Betty Crocker and get some fab recipes!

FANfare - Fall TV 2011
Check it Out! One of my favorite summer shows is ending this week and the new Fall TV show buzz is abound. I am anxiously awaiting some of my returning faves as well as some new shows too. 
Whether your shows include vampires, housewives or talent show judges, you know you got a fave too!
Well what goes better with a great TV show night than Food? Right!!! Well, Betty Crocker´s food experts have got that covered and have created some fun and delicious food ideas that bring your favorite TV genres to life! And now they´re teaming up with reality TV star and "bachelorette" Trista Sutter to share more great ideas that are perfect for TV viewing parties with friends and/or family! You can GO HERE to get in on the FANfare and check out the party ideas and these recipes:
Blood Red Sangria Cocktail
Blood Red Sangria Cocktail
This citrusy martini gets its striking layered appearance from drops of sangria-inspired simple syrup made from red wine and dark sweet cherries (after all, "sangria" means "bleeding" in Spanish!). An "impaled" cherry adds the finishing touch. Get the recipe at

Blood Red Sangria Cocktail
Slushee Cup Cakes
Our family fave!
Go to the head of the class with this new twist on the traditional poke cake. Two cupcakes are "poked" and splashed with fruity slushee syrup, then topped with colorful cherry or blue raspberry frosting and glittery sugar. You´ll give them an A! Get the recipe at

Blood Red Sangria Cocktail
You Be the Judge Popcorn MixThese pop corn mixes are customizable with a variety of flavors that bring personality to the table. Which one is your favorite - Sugary Sweet, Angry Jerk, Worldly Spice or Flaky Nut? You Be The Judge! Get the recipe at

Blood Red Sangria Cocktail
Cheesy Po-Tot-Chos
You won´t have to ask twice to get everyone in front of this pile of potatoey tots, topped with cheese, salsa and fresh veggies like tomatoes and avocado. This twist on classic nachos is so good - it may be a fight to snatch the last tot! Get the recipe at

Blood Red Sangria Cocktail
Solving for Pi Cheesecake
It´s a simple equation: mango + raspberry + cheesecake + pie = delicious! Take a cue from the molecular gastronomy trend and scoop up this deconstructed dessert that literally "pops" with flavor! Get the recipe at

Blood Red Sangria Cocktail
Boxed Wine Cupcakes
Here´s a better way to serve boxed wine - in cupcake form! These fashion-forward cupcakes are infused with popular wines like sauvignon blanc, zinfandel, rosé and champagne, and perfect for get-togethers with girlfriends. Get the recipe at

Blood Red Sangria Cocktail
Cocoa Crunch Donut
Who doesn´t love a donut at the office - or at home? These homemade donuts start with refrigerated biscuits, then add a sweet glaze and crunchy Cocoa Puffs cereal for a fun and chocolatey punch. Get the recipe at

Blood Red Sangria Cocktail
Double Meat Dudewich
This manly sandwich is all about extremes. Tow meats - beer-soaked BBQ pork and savory smoked sausage - are piled high on an onion bun with coleslaw and pickles to top it off. It might take two (or more!) men to polish off this messy but awesome creation. Get the recipe at

Blood Red Sangria Cocktail
Silly Pink Rabbit Adult Malt
This colorful adult malt is inspired from the classic Pink Squirrel cocktail - but adds childhood favorites like ice cream and Trix cereal to evoke the flavors of childhood in a completely grown-up way. Get the recipe at

Blood Red Sangria Cocktail
Late Night Snack Cookies
My Personal Fave!
These yummy chocolate cookies are crammed with all your late night hosts´ favorite snack foods - chewy, chocolatey caramels, salty potato chips, and cruncy waffle cones. With these cookies on hand, we don´t blame you if you raid the pantry late at night. Get the recipe at

Blood Red Sangria Cocktail
Korean BBQ Kimchi Quesadillas
This winning food truck-inspired dish loads up a Mexican quesadilla with the flavor of Korean BBQ. And what´s the secret ingredient? Kimchi! Get the recipe at

Blood Red Sangria Cocktail
Modern Old-Fashioned Cocktail
This modern take on an old-fashioned cocktail infuses the flavors of peach, citrus and maple syrup into the classic bourbon drink. Finish it off with a single, large ice cube to give it a modern twist that´s perfect for a dimly-lit bar or kicking back on your own sofa. Get the recipe at

*I received information and details from Betty Crocker through MyBlogSpark for purposes of this post, however all opinions are my own.

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