Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Staples School Supply Deals and Rebates

Check it Out!  School supply time is about on us and the sales are already starting! yay!  So this week at Staples you can snag some awesome $0.01 deals!  You do need to spend $5 to get a $0.01 deal and there is a limit of 2 $0.01 items!  I got a chance to stop by my local Staples yesterday to see what I could get and it was a mad house, there were very little products on the shelves, and I could not find one bottle of the advertised glue and many other items.  I was however able to get a few things.  I bought:
*2 reams -Staples 8.5 x 11 multipurpose paper 500 sheets - $5.99 ea.
*2 - Staples cap erasers - $0.01 ea.
*2 - Bic Round Stic Ball Point Pens 8 pk. - $0.01 ea.
*2 - Mini Staplers - $1 ea.
The Staples paper reams have a rebate on them for up to $5.74 each and I want to say that rebates have come a very long way since they first started and I can't get over how fast you get your money back!  Staples has an amazing rebate program and now you can even have it deposited into your Paypal account!  I am loving this.  My rebate is already being processed and I just submitted it yesterday.  So, I spent a total of $15 but with the rebate on the paper I will get $11.48 back, so that makes my actual price $3.52 for all 8 items!   Oh and if your a teacher, you can snag up to 25 of each of the $0.01 items with purchase.  You must have a Teacher ID.  Check your store for details.  I am sad to report that homeschool teachers do not qualify for that discount, at least at my local Staples that is. You can check out the current ad HERE.

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