Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Mystery Box!

Check it Out!  A couple of weeks ago I ordered a Graveyard Mall "Mystery Box"  and it arrived today!  Wow, what fun we had unpacking this box as everything in it was a Mystery and we had no idea what would be inside!  So here is what I got in my box:
*Resin Parrott Holding Salt and Pepper Shakers
*Child's Sleeping Bag with storage bag
*Leather I-Pod Case
*2 -Chef Basket strainers
*Scoop & Strain Kitchen Tool
*2- Aluma Wallets
*2 -Keychain GameFace Sport Sunscreens
*1- 2 minute scrapbooker kit
*GE SmartHome Wireless Lamp Starter Kit
*2 - RoboStir's
*NexCare Ankle Stabilizer
*Under the Cabinet Spice Organizer
*2 - Set of 6 Glow in the Dark Stair Guides
*Dale Earnhardt Jr. Projection Alarm Clock
*Elephant Hanging Plant Holder
*Keri Renewal Milk Body Lotion
*Cutie Lamp
*Winnie the Pooh Night Light
*Cars Night Light
*2 -Citrus slices pencil and eraser sets
*4 CD set German Language Learning
*Avatar Trading Card Game system
*TruFit Athletic supporter
*Health o meter Personal Massager
*2 - Glow in the Dark Stars and Moon stickers
*Set of 6 Bottle Top's
*2 - liv Breast Exam Aids
*2 - Hot-Headz No-Slip Shoe Ice Grips
Wow!  I got a total of 37 items and I paid $37.97 for the "Mystery Box" including Shipping, which was $15.98 by itself!  So I basically got 37 items for $1 each.  Not bad!  So I got a little bit of something for everyone in the family and I have a start on Christmas shopping!  I can already see the start of at least 3 different gift baskets!  Oh and I used my Paypal to pay for this little surprise and if you know me then you know that my PayPal account is my Free $ that I make from Surveys.  So I got all this Free! 
If you head over to Graveyard Mall right now, you will see that are offering their Guaranteed Custom Mystery Box again for $21.99.  Here is my advice when ordering one of these though- be as specific as possible in describing who the custom mystery box is for, they send items based on your instructions you put in the Order instructions box, and don't be shy, let them know ages, sizes, likes and hobbies, the more specific you are the better they match items.

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