Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Keep it Cool Party!

Check it Out!  I was recently chosen to host my own Don't Fret the Sweat "Keep it Cool" Gathering by SheSpeaks.  I started out getting a fabulous party pack filled with Dove products and since it's all about keeping cool, we decided that some water would make a great party, so we created an Obsta-Cool Course in the front yard!  But first, all the girls used their new deodorants so they didn't have to Fret the Sweat while they play.

And then on to the fun...

Then we enjoyed lemonade and some snacks.
and some crafts...

we played "The Sitch" game and then they all got their gift bags...
filled with Dove products and other stuff...
even had some for the boys,

  The kids had a great time and the Dove products were a hit! 
If you have a Tween and you or them need more info about Keepin your cool during stressfull situations, you can check out, where you can get facts, expert advice and find the right product for your child.  You can also join the Don't Fret the Sweat community at'tFretTheSweat and if you like to try out new products, share your opinions and have your voice heard, check out  
I love SheSpeaks and Dove!  

**I received Dove products compliments of SheSpeaks and Dove for purposes of this gathering, however all opinions are my own.

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