Thursday, July 14, 2011

BJ's - Deals

So one of my favorite places to "stock up" shop is BJ's Wholesale Club.  I go once a month and sometimes, depending on the coupons that are released, I go twice a month.  Having a family of five with 3 kids that eat like adults we can go through certain products each month, like sugar, mayo, ranch dressing and other items.  I have found it much cheaper to buy those items in bulk and BJ's is the best place I have found because:
#1 - they specialize in bulk
#2 - they release an amazing amount of store coupons each month
#3- they also accept manufacturers coupons, which means you can stack them for some added savings
Although there is a  Fee to join, it is well worth it and if you stack enough coupons you can make it back in the first or second trip.  I save on average $60- $100 per trip at BJ's with coupons. 
So for example here are some of the awesome deals I found yesterday:

*AirWick Freshmatic 2+2 pack - $11.99 - used $4 off manf. coupon + $3 off store coupon= $4.99 for 2 Freshmatic dispensers and 2 sprays

*Herbal Essences Color Treated Hair Conditioner - $3.90 clearanced - used $1 off manf. coupon = $2.90 for 40 oz. bottle

*Dove +MenCare Bar Soap 10pack with Bonus Deodorant - $9.49 - used the $4 off Dove+MenCare coupon = $5.49 for 10 bars of soap and a full size tube of deodorant
There are so many more deals but I just don't have time to list them all.  BJ's is also one of my favorite places to buy tennis shoes, where else can you get name brand shoes for under $30!  If you want to try it out for yourself before you purchase a membership, you can GO HERE and print yourself a One Day Pass coupon and you can always GO HERE to the BJ's site and print coupons right at home- be sure and look for manufacture coupons to stack!  Happy Shopping!

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