Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Scott's E-Z Seed Review

                                                   Scott's EZ-Seed
I recently got a sample of Scott'sTurf Builder  EZ Seed in the mail via BzzAgent and I was so excited because I got alot of rock in my yard- alot of rock, in the ground and above the ground, which makes growing grass a challenge.

So the makers of EZ Seed say this stuff will grow anywhere and we have the yard to test that!  So like I said I have alot of rocks and they come in all sizes as you see, so using some of many sizes I made a nice P on my side yard, it was a lopsided circle flowerbed with no flowers and my husband said it looked just like a grave and so this is what came out of that.

So I want to fill the inside of my P with beautiful green grass and I have tried 2 different seed types with the few patchy results you see.  Using Scott's Turf Builder EZ Seed is so easy too, I just prepped the area inside my P by removing dead grass and loosening the soil and then applied the EZ Seed and with the dispenser built into the lid of the container, it spreads it out nice and even.  Then I just watered until saturated and I like that you can actually see where you have put the product and it turns a light brown when you need to water it again so how can you go wrong.  It has this revolutionary seeding mix that contains a super absorbent growing material that absorbs the water and expands to surround the seed in a moist protective layer.  I will be updating you on the development of the grass and let you know how it goes but for now, check this out...

Look at the beautiful green lush grass that I was able to grow in a terra cotta pot with just a little bit of EZ Seed.  I have plans for this pretty little patch, keep checkin' back !

**As a BzzAgent I received samples and information on Scott's EZ Products however all opinions are my own.

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