Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday's Gift - Recycle Clear Plastic packaging into gift boxes

This weeks Thursday's Gift uses all those clear plastic containers that you get when you buy certain products.  I made up 5 different kinds using containers from candles and craft projects and even erasers.  Decorate to fit the recipient, fill with gift items or samples that you have collected and you don't even have to wrap it! 
The instructions are so easy and these can be put together really fast.  Here is a closeup of my Teacher's Gift Box:
Using these supplies:
*Clear plastic container that had a diffuser candle in it originally
*Patterned and plain cardstock
*Stickers and various embellishments
*Tag & To/From Stamp
*filler/tissue paper
*Gifts inside include: Apple pencil holder with pencils, notepad, notepad/pen set, bookmark/pin, decorated pencil pack, decorated hershey bar
To decorate a candy bar:  wrap paper around bar, measure and cut, stamp sentiment onto piece of cardstock and add a ribbon.

To decorate pencil pack:  I used one 12 pack set from a 144 count box, using the existing cardboard as a template, make a paper pocket and decorate as desired.  My little tag says: Pencils are No.2 because Teachers are No. 1!

And here is the little one that had ribbon in it originally, but is perfect to hold an ornament gift!  With so many different containers out there you can make these cheap and easy.  And if your like me and you have a stash of freebies this can end up being a totally Free gift!   The longer one in the top photo is my manly gift and contains:  Gilleette Fusion Razor- free, Gillette Deodorant and Dove Mens Bar soap-buy one get one free items, Redken shampoo-full size free sample, Icy hot patch- free, carmex-free, and various mens samples.  The small round eraser container is full of Werther's Originals.  Total cost for both:  $0

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