Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday's Gift - Acrylic Frame notepad holder

I am starting a weekly post series now through Christmas called "Thursday's Gift" where each Thursday I will share a Handmade Gift Idea.  I am all about Cheap and Easy and have been making little gifts for Christmas and other celebrations for years.  These gifts are usually geared to give a co-worker, teacher, friend, etc..  I love making gifts that can be personalized to the recipient.  With that in mind I would like to present today's Handmade gift:  Acrylic Frame Notepad set.

Using just a handful of supplies, these little gifts can be produced rather quickly and can be embellished is so many ways. 
*Acrylic photo frame (I used  5 x 3 1/2 in ) 
*Sticky back note pad
*Clear barrel ink pen
*Scrap pieces of desired paper
*Letter stickers
*Various embellishments
-Acrylic frame usually sells for around $0.79 and I got the notepads at a discount store, 8 for $2. 
-The basics:  Slide paper inside the acrylic frame and trace for cut to fit.  Wrap ribbon around, glue both ends onto back of frame.  Add Sticky pad- just peel off last sheet and stick to frame- not gluing down allows for easy, clean replacement of sticky pad when empty.  Add desired embellishments.  For pen, cut scrap piece of paper to fit size of inside of the ink barrel, my paper measured  4" x 1/2", curl into tube loosely and slide into pen.  This can be a little frustrating and some pens work better than others but once you can get the hang of it you then can personalize the pen right along with the note pad!

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